Tranquil, Secluded and Naturally Beautiful

Our wooded and secluded park has much to offer those seeking a relaxing, peaceful and naturally rich environment for their family that's close to home.

Lawson Lake is home to the famous Blue Heron who visits every year and is a wonder to watch catch a fish, or be as still as a statue.

Combinations of well wooded and open areas provide for an abundance of birds and creatures to watch and enjoy. Find the lot that is just right for you with just the right amount of sun, or just the right amount of shade.

Many campers enjoy our park so much, their landscaping and customizing of their site surpasses even the most well groomed of your average house property. Simply taking a stroll through the park on a beautiful spring morning, the air still crisp and fresh, the flowers opening up, will refresh your senses, lighten your spirit, and rekindle your soul for a brand new day.

A gentle brook winds its way through the property with some lots having waterfront access, or large open public areas to view and enjoy the water.

Whether you are a family, retired couple or individual, or looking for someplace to spend some relaxing time for yourself, Lawson Park has an area for you.

Make new friends, enjoy the scenery, let the kids play and have a great summer, have some fun, have some quiet time to yourself, or curl up and read your favourite book, it's all possible at Lawson Park. Give us a call or send us a question if you'd like to know how we can make your summer get-away something special for you.

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