Lawson Park Facilities

Lawson Park prides itself on clean, well kept, maintained and comfortable facilities. We will breifly outline basic facilities offered in the Park.


Sites at Lawson Park are supplied with 30 amp RV style receptacles. A limited number of adapter plugs are available should you require an adapter, however 50-30amp adapters must be supplied by you. If your RV requires 50 amp service connection you will have to be mindful of the appliances you use at once in your trailer.


Lawson Park meets and exceeds even the strictest of water standards as set out by the Government. Our water filtration system encorporates leading technologies from Ultra Violet (UV) water purification, to chlorination systems and membrane based filtration systems. You can be rest assured your water is as clean as it can possibly be.


Every site in the park has a waste removal sewer system. There are rules and guidelines concerning the use of this service, however once your trailer is installed on site, facilities are in place to provide regular transparent sewage treatment.


Lawson Park understands when you're on vacation or relaxing you don't want to have to run out to take care of laundry. That's why there's a very convenient, clean and large capacity laundromat on site for your use. Coin operated, you'll have access to it anytime if you're a regular camper.

Showers & Main Bathrooms

Throughout Lawson Park there are three main washroom facilities (see map for locations) that have full size flush toilets, showers and sinks for your use. One of these facilities is located at the pool (for showers before and after swimming) and near the pavillion for when there are events and special occassions.

Garbage and Recycling

Large garbage bins are provided for garbage disposal. Although they can hold just about anything, there are rules and guideline for what can and can't go in them. More information can be provided at the front office or when you register.
See: City of Hamilton Garbage & Bulk Items

Recycling containers are also provided to help reduce waste going into our landfill sites. Please separate your material into paper & cardboard vs plastic, glass and metal recyclables, see: City of Hamilton Blue Boxes & Recycling


Our newly renovated, large pavilion is used constantly throughout the season to support dances, cards, pool, euchre, darts and any other special occassions that is best suited to be held under a roof in a large capacity. This facility's use must be approved and booked through the front office but is available by request by anyone planning a park sanctioned event or meeting.

Swimming Pool

Lawson Park runs regular Life Guard patrolled swim times during "seasonably favourable" weather conditions. Each season this will vary when the pool actually opens and closes, but we do our very best to have it available as frequently and for as long as possible throughout the season.

Should you have any questions regarding the facilities offered at Lawson Park, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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