Rates and Options at Lawson Park

There are many different options when it comes to what it will cost to stay at Lawson Park. At the links above you can find out information more specifically to what you are looking for. But first, you should answer the questions below for yourself so that you know which prices you should be looking at.

  • How long do I want my site for (5 or 6 month)
  • Do I need to pay for winter storage.
  • Do I need parking for more than one vehicle
  • Do I have an electric water heater in my trailer
  • Do I have a microfurnace in my trailer
  • Do I have an extra fridge (in addition to the trailer fridge)
  • Do I have an air conditioner
  • Am I a recreational camper or residential

Once you have answered these questions, look on the Park Rates page to estimate your seasonal fees. Final fees will be determined during your agreement interview.

Lawson Parks rates and fees are subject to change without notice, please check here frequently for current rates and fees.

If you require long term storage of a trailer or other vehicle, arrangements can be made for on-site outdoor storage, please refer to the storage section.

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